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On 2 December Victoria Police launched a new suicide awareness campaign to encourage Victoria Police employees and veterans to recognise the early signs of suicidal thinking and seek help.

Senior Constable Laurie Fox died by suicide in 2012, leaving behind his former partner Belinda and two young boys.

The campaign video involves the re-animation of Laurie, using deepfake technology to allow him to deliver a message about mental health, and the importance of seeing the signs and speaking up.

The 2017 Victoria Police Mental Health and Wellbeing Study found that overall, Victoria Police employees are more likely to think about suicide than the general public.

Talking about suicide can be both confronting and challenging, however open communication about suicide is known to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking behaviours.

The campaign video will be housed on the Bluespace wellbeing website, which is accessible by anyone in the community. Bluespace gives current and veteran Victoria Police employees and their families access to online wellbeing information and support service contact details. 

For current or veteran police employees and their families, please visit the Bluespace Wellbeing website for wellbeing information and access to support services. If you or anyone you know is struggling and needs support, please refer to the ‘Get support page on our website or alternatively, please speak with someone you trust.


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